a manifold existence

Our temporal beings, situated upon a 3-dimensional plane with supposed rules and binaries, black and white fissures of “fact”, dimmed and dulled out processions of reality subjugated by civilization suggest a fallacy of truths and equal and opposite untruths. You can’t be happy and sad at the same time, or can you? Can you be equally present and disengaged? Can you be both liberal and conservative? Why have we placed ourselves within so many neatly built boxes? Why do we cage our individual potential?

Can we allow the darkest times of our lives to be our most valued teachers? Can pain bring us distress, but also awakening? Of course it can, and we have all seen these dualities in our lives. Life exists somewhere within the shades of “gray”. This is not a new concept. But I think we can take it a step further.

What I would like to suggest is that we look at our lives as complexly colorful and radiant manifolds of experience.

Imagine you are looking into a kaleidoscope. You may see the same image repeated in a cascading chrysanthemum of color and light, but if you look closely, you see the images are not carbon copies of each other, they have their own distinct changes in hue or light exposure, but they are all technically the same image: just in a multitude of variants.

I believe that if we allow ourselves to complexify our emotional and spiritual selves, we can access a plenitude of lessons and untapped trains of thought.

The trick is, we have to actually pay attention to it.

This is a fairly obvious concept, yet it feels very poignant and profound to me. Too often in my life have I found myself deeply entrenched in an ideal, and with that I have subsequently found myself encumbered by the blinders I myself put on. I am this, so that can’t be true or correct. I am that, so this must be a lie.

It’s all divisive and robustly uninspired. COVID-19 is either a thing we must endure, or a thing that can bring about profound change in ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to view it as both, or many things. It is a killer, but also a teacher; it is natural, borne of unnatural circumstances; it is insidious, and yet not necessarily malevolent. If we view this as nothing but a hindrance, or an evil, we miss out on the many things about it for which we can be grateful.

Does a binary make you feel comfortable, or do you feel constrained, suffocated, and pigeonholed? I know my answer to that question, as I am deeply skeptical of our simplified pathways of thinking within the civilization we live. I don’t want to blindly follow any absolute authority, or a singular avenue of truth, no matter how much it may conform to what I would like to believe.

How many facets can you expand upon within yourself? How many truths about you can be true at one time? Look within yourself, and listen to what your body tells you about your state of being: without judgement. Are you lazy, driven, existential, inspired, tired, motivated, triggered, energized, drained, exuberant, depressive, anxious, and calm like me at this moment? How complex is the spectrum of your being? How would you delineate your manifoldness? How beautiful is it to have so much complexity?

And the singular truth to this manifold existence is that while many truths exist at one time, there is, paradoxically, no single truth at all.

Let’s free ourselves from the constraints of singularities and revel in the kaleidoscopic mess of our own individual realities.

We limit ourselves when we decide that one thing is true. We have to severely handicap ourselves and force ourselves to deny any other truths exist. We delimb our capacity to learn, and our beautiful capacity to feel. What a terribly boring way of being.

Don’t incapacitate yourself: liberate yourself by deepening the perception of your many, brilliant facets, multiplicities, and contradictions.

Published by Maren Morgan

searching for brevity, seeking release

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